Being a Parent through Surrogacy Overview

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the magic path to parenthood. Gestational surrogacy offers those who can’t go through pregnancy an opportunity to have a child. 

Magic Journeys is a full-service surrogacy agency wholeheartedly devoted to bringing the joy of creating life and providing intended parents with exceptional and tailored experiences.  

Starting from choosing your surrogate, you can be intimately involved throughout the entire process till the very moment of your baby’s delivery at the hospital

We’re here to ensure the whole process is stress-free, so you can simply enjoy the magical moments of creating and expecting a new life. 

How Surrogacy Works for Intended Parents

On average, the surrogacy process takes about 14-18 months, but sometimes it could be done within 11 months. Though each journey is unique, below are some common things you can expect.

1. Initial Consultation

You will gain necessary knowledge to make the right decision.

During your 60-minute initial consultation, you’ll learn more about MJ surrogacy program in detail, as well as what to expect. For your convenience, your consultation can be conducted via video conferencing. You can also stop by our Los Angeles or New York office, or meet us in one of the many cities/countries we travel to. 

2. Getting Started

We’ll make it easy for you

To join our program, all we need from you is to sign and return our retainer agreement with the initial retainer fee. Accepted payment types include U.S. personal checks, domestic or international bank wire, or credit cards. 

Then, we will assist you to complete an online profile. Rest assured that your dedicated case manager will guide you through each step, and our legal team is here to help with all the legal aspects of surrogacy.

If you need an egg donor, we can help you find her at this stage. Magic Journey has an extensive global egg donor database consisting of professional fashion models and beautiful young ladies that are highly educated. 

To match your exact needs, we provide an egg donor research program to hunt down your ideal donor. We also offer a full refund if your chosen egg donor never begins her cycle of medication.

 3.Meeting Your Surrogate

We will work hard so you can enjoy every moment.

Magic Journeys is highly selective in admitting our surrogates who are among the top 1% applicants. Our strict qualifying requirements and Magic Match Guarantee program ensure the best quality and match for your needs. We are here to help bring your dream to life!

We take the qualifying process seriously –  At Magic Journeys, we are dedicated to finding surrogates who can meet strict emotional, physical and financial requirements. Being a surrogate is no simple task and we make sure to find the right individuals who have gone through selective admission process including interviews, psychological evaluations, medical exams, criminal background checks, drug screenings and other screening measures – An In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) specialist will conduct a full medical examination to ensure a smooth process. Less than 1% applicants will qualify to become a MJ surrogate. 

We guarantee the best match for you – Our unique Magic Match Guarantee Program ensures high probability to find the ideal surrogate matching your imagination. Once you have been matched with a qualified surrogate, we will arrange a personal meeting that can happen via video chat or in person according to your preference.

4. The Medical Cycle

We’ll get your surrogate medically prepared.

Once the legal process is completed and your Magic Journeys expense account is created, we will prepare your surrogate for the embryo transfer. In most cases, pregnancy results are available within 10-12 days after the procedure. If your surrogate is confirmed pregnant, then you will be able to track your baby’s growth week by week.

5. Delivery and Beyond

We’re here to support you throughout the entire process – delivery and beyond.

​​Your surrogate is transferred from the IVF specialist to her local obstetrician about 10-12 weeks into the pregnancy. Your dedicated case manager will always be there to answer questions and provide updates. In the third trimester of the pregnancy, we will begin planning for your hospital arrival to make sure you don’t miss the big day. After delivery of the baby, Magic Journeys continues to provide support as needed even after you bring your bundle of joy home and begin your magic journey together as a growing family.

You can contact your case manager for any questions at any point We will guide you through every step of the way.

Hear more about our surrogacy program from previous clients in our video below. When you’re ready to proceed with your surrogacy journey, Start the magic journey with us.

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