Egg Donation Compensation

Understanding Egg Donation Compensation

The egg donation process has so many factors influencing cost it can be difficult to understand egg donor compensation. The following information will help clarify expenses and compensation associated with the egg donation process.

How much are egg donors paid?

Egg donors can earn over $70,000 for multiple egg donation cycles. One egg donation typically starts at $10,000.


How much do egg donors receive each time they donate?

First-time egg donors receive $10,000 and experienced egg donors can receive $12,000 per donation cycle. Egg donors with highly desirable and rare qualities can receive over $12,000 per donation cycle. The egg donor will receive $750 once she begins receiving injectable medications and the remaining balance is paid after the egg retrieval procedure, regardless of how many eggs were retrieved.


Is there a limit to how many times an egg donor can donate?

Egg donors can donate up to six times and help many intended parents start or grow their families. Before a donor can start the egg donation process, an IVF physician must review the donor’s medical records and provide approval for additional egg donation cycles.


What expenses are covered by parents working with a Magic Journeys egg donor?

We believe egg donors should not be responsible for expenses associated with the egg donation process. Donors can be eligible for many benefits and should discuss financial details with their case specialist. The following expenses and costs are covered by Magic Journeys or the intended parents.

Medical and Psychological Screening

The intended parents cover the cost of medication, medical and psychological screenings, and other medical expenses incurred during the egg donation cycle. Egg donors are often surprised to learn about their physical, genetic, and reproductive health during the screening process.

Legal Fees

Egg donation is guided by a legal contract signed by the egg donor and the intended parents (IPs). Prior to signing a contract, an independent attorney will go over the details of the contract with the egg donor and make sure the legalities are clear before beginning the egg donation cycle.

Egg Donor Insurance

Though egg donation is typically safe, complications may arise. Every egg donor has her own egg donation insurance policy to cover any medical expenses that may result from a complication during the egg donation process.


Some egg donors may be required to travel to Magic Journeys offices and or IVF facilities. The following expenses associated with travel are covered.

  • Airfare.  If egg donors don’t live near an IVF facility, they will receive a coach airfare ticket to fly to the appointed IVF facility and complete their medical screening. Once it’s time for egg retrieval, egg donors will be provided with two coach airfare tickets for themselves and an authorized companion.
  • Ground travel. Egg donors who live more than 50 miles away from an IVF facility will be reimbursed for mileage. For egg donors who do not own a car or who will need to fly, ground transportation costs will also be covered.
  • Meals. Egg donors traveling more than 100 miles one way for an appointment will receive $75 to cover meals.
  • Parking. If egg donors need to leave their car at an airport parking lot, parking expenses will be reimbursed.
  • Lodging. The egg donor and her authorized travel companion will receive reasonable hotel accommodations when traveling to an IVF facility, healthcare facility or Magic Journeys offices.
  • Support. To make the process as safe and comfortable as possible for the egg donor, an authorized travel companion’s travel expenses will be covered for the egg retrieval stage. Magic Journeys will cover a travel companion’s airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, and ground transportation costs.

If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor, we encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the process and our program.