Egg Donation Costs

Understanding Egg Donation Costs

For parents planning on starting or growing their family through surrogacy, egg donation costs are something to consider before beginning the surrogacy process. Below is the estimated costs associated with egg donation for Magic Journeys parents.

Estimated Cost Breakdown for Egg Donation

The total cost of the egg donation process (per attempt at pregnancy) includes professional fees, donor evaluations, donor compensation and related expenses, and legal fees. The medical costs for the IVF process can be obtained directly from the IVF clinic but are not factored into the cost breakdown below. However, Magic Journeys is happy to recommend a clinic and provide an estimate for medical costs on a case-by-case basis.

Professional Fees

Magic Journeys guides parents throughout the entire egg donation process, from start to finish. The team is happy to answer questions, assist in selecting a donor, and ensure parents find donors that align with their preferences. We charge $10,000 for our professional services.

Donor Evaluations

Magic Journeys’ egg donors have fertility testing completed prior to being added to our donor database. Once parents choose a donor, the donor is required to undergo a psychological screening and a specialist evaluates her genetic history. Egg donor psychological screening fees are $600 and the egg donor genetic history evaluation costs $350.

Egg Donor Compensation and Related Expenses

Egg donor compensation will vary based on the donor’s ethnicity, location, experience with the egg donation process, and other factors. The egg donor fee typically starts at $10,000. The insurance premium cost per cycle is $280 and the Insurance Rider is $100.

Legal Fees

Both the egg donor and the Intended Parents (IPs) are required to hire attorneys to draft a contract and oversee the case. Typically, the IPs cover all legal fees, totaling $1,500.

Financing the Egg Donation Process

It’s difficult to estimate the exact cost of the egg donation process, and for this reason IPs may prefer financing. Magic Journeys can finance up to $100,000 in egg donation costs, including IVF medical costs

The Impact of Egg Donation

Egg donors have a desire to help parents start or grow their family. That’s why they choose egg donation. IPs can be confident in our ability to provide a wide selection of qualified and diverse women enrolled in our egg donation program. IPs can select egg donors based on ethnicity, intelligence, cultural background, creativity, and other factors.

How to Select Egg Donors

IPs are given access to our egg donor database through a personal login where they can browse egg donor profiles. After IPs select a potential egg donor match, Magic Journeys will coordinate schedules to continue the process. Once both parties confirm their decision to move forward, Magic Journeys will conduct the screenings and refer legal counsel to draft and finalize the contract.

Why Work with Magic Journeys Egg Donors

There are many benefits to working with Magic Journeys egg donors:

  • Our donors are between the ages of 21 and 30, ensuring a high IVF success rate.
  • Egg donors are required to undergo fertility testing before they can be added to our donor database.
  • IPs can select donors based on numerous characteristics: physical attributes, ethnicity, intelligence, and their location of residence.
  • We have many experienced donors and provide data on the number of previous donations, successful embryo transfers, pregnancies and birth rates for each.
  • We can also facilitate anonymous donations to ensure privacy for both parties.
  • IPs can view photographs and egg donor profiles.


We work hard to make sure the egg donation process goes smoothly and is completed in a timely manner. Our hope is that every IP treasures this process and receives the highest level of service and attention, from start to finish.