Magic Journey Team

At Magic Journeys, LLC, we run a full-service egg donation program that includes all parties to enjoy the miracle they are about to experience. From egg donor screening to all of the procedures in between, we will be there every step of the way.

Scott Ray


With 15 years of modeling experience, Scott has maintained strong relationships with the top US agencies. In 2012, Scott entered the surrogacy and egg donation industry, and later officially joined Magic Journeys LLC in 2016, overseeing the company’s investment and financing. Always striving in search for the most elegant egg donors around the world, Scott has become an authority in the field of surrogacy and egg donation both in the management and the cost-analysis aspects. As the CEO, Scott is in charge of the daily operation, as well as customer care and satisfaction.

Paige Ray


Paige Ray founded Magic Journeys LLC in 2012 after working in marketing and sales for 30 years. Paige has undergraduate degree in communication analysis, dual master’s degree in marketing and business administration. She came across the surrogacy and egg donation field accidentally, but was attracted right away for the great opportunity to help those in need. With innate humanity touch and the honest service ideology, Paige treated every case wholeheartedly, and devoted to create magic journeys for everyone. Magic journey has magical growth in the past decade towards the goal that “magic journeys makes everyone’s life magical”.

Cory Chen


Cory Chen holds a combined degree in Business Management, Finance and Film and Television Production. With extensive and deep knowledge of the film industry, Cory has brought unique perspectives to the team. Always client oriented, Cory is able to combine his experience in business management and his resources in entertainment to contribute to the idea of magic journeys for everyone.

Mia Cher


Mia Cher is the executive responsible for surrogacy. She has dual master’s degree in marketing and MBA. She joined Magic Journeys in 2020 with a passion in helping families through surrogacy. Mia is in charge of the case management team. She is extremely kind and patient to every single surrogate, and has been the core of the Magic Journeys surrogate family.

Vikky Ayala


Vikky Ayala has master’s degree in medical management, and is one of the original Magic Journeys members since 2012. She has extensive experience working in the IFV clinics, and knows the entire procedure inside out; with her expertise and passion, she has successfully helped many families through the egg donation processes, and is always ready to help more people and more families.

Jasmine Graves


Jasmine Graves graduated from Communication University and later worked in China Central Television. She has strong connection with international talent agencies, and joined Magic Journeys in 2014. Jasmine is devoted to searching the best egg donors globally to enrich the Magic Journeys egg donor database.

Christine Kuo


Christine has a master degree in Visual Communication Design from the University of Los Angeles. She has extensive experience in creating the best possible company image by combining different artistic perspectives and design experiences. Christine was drawn to Magic Journeys because it is a perfect fit for her in terms of helping those in need. She has been fascinated by the idea of creating new lives to create more happiness, and considers her magic journeys experience very fulfilling.

Victoria Moisa


Victoria Moisa is a certified nurse, and a single mother to 4 wonderful kids. Victoria is deeply devoted in helping those in need, and she has volunteered to be a surrogate herself. As a master of the process, and loving person by nature, she always helps the surrogates selflessly. With her expertise in medical fields, she has been able to assist the surrogates through the entire process, raising the embryo transfer success rate significantly.

Azalia Gomez


Azalia Gomez is a loving mother who volunteered to be the surrogate for the same couple twice, and maintained amazing relationship with the clients. Deeply believes in helping those in need, Azalia and her team are devoted to providing the best service to the Magic Journeys surrogates and intended parents.

Rosa Santa Cruz


Rosa Santa Cruz is a certified medical assistant, and has worked for UCSD in authorizations. After her own “magical experience” with Magic Journeys, Rosa decided to join the team, and she has used her own surrogacy experience to help others. Being very knowledgeable and caring, Rosa has built strong relationships with clients.



A single mother, a HRC IVF clinic nurse, this tough woman has been a surrogate mother for celebrity twice. Whatever she chooses to do, she gives it 100 percent. She even quit her favorite chips and stayed with wholefood healthy diet all the way through her surrogacy. So, no wonder she could win tremendous trust and love from the intended parents.