Magic Journeys Foundation

Giving Back to Our Surrogacy Community

We are extremely honored and committed to giving back to our Surrogate mothers by supporting them in any ways we can.

At Magic Journeys, Surrogates are always our top priority. We truly value and care about our surrogates’ emotional and physical well-being, ensuring their safety and happiness throughout the entire journey, setting us apart from the rest of the other agencies. Simply put, we strive to ensure our surrogates always feel Glorified and Loved!

Besides our industry-leading compensation packages, our surrogates could also benefit from a variety of resources through our One & Only Magic Journeys Foundation, which has been giving back by assisting surrogates with difficulties in life, paying for their career development courses, and supporting their religious beliefs by donation, etc. If you have once been a MJ surrogate, you will always be part of the MJ family. You will never be left to struggle alone. Don’t worry, we have your back!

Magic Journeys Financial Assistance

We help our previous surrogates if they run into difficulties in life. If you are struggling financially, talk to us, and we may have what you need.

Magic Journeys Education and Career Advancement 

We help our previous surrogates to advance their education and career. If you would like to advance your career, we may be able to pay for your school tuition or send you to job training.

Magic Journeys Faith Support 

We support our previous surrogates practicing their religion through donations. Want to donate to your church but shy in wallet? No worries, we may be able to help you with that .

Welcome to our Magic Journeys Family!
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