Magic Match Guarantee Program

Magic Match Guarantee Program

For many parents, surrogacy is the gate to a life they’ve dreamed of for so long — a life with a family. Such a life-changing process should be handled with sensitivity, care, and personalized attention. The only way for parents and surrogates to be fully satisfied with the process, is if the surrogacy agency makes an effort to earn their trust.

At Magic Journeys, we believe that trust is a critical component of surrogacy and must be earned. Our Magic Match Guarantee Program guarantees a successful screening of the surrogate we recommend or we cover the cost of screening; this includes both medical and psychological screening. If the screening is not successful, we will provide parents with another surrogate free of charge.

This is a rare benefit not offered by many agencies, but it’s one that we offer to demonstrate our firm belief in our protocol and the quality of services we provide to parents and surrogates. We believe parents deserve the best and we aim to surpass their expectations.

Annually, thousands of women apply to become surrogates, but very few are qualified. Our guidelines are more stringent and specific than those of most other surrogacy agencies, creating an even higher standard for surrogates.

Magic Journeys is committed to safety and quality. Every step of the process is designed to ensure parents are fully satisfied with our guidance. Parents are matched with surrogates based on preferences, personality, and overall expectations. We don’t believe in forcing a match but rather strive to create an experience that goes beyond just providing children.

To ensure parents are matched to a qualified surrogate, gestational surrogates are required to pass each step of the following screening process.


Every year, hundreds of parents eager for a child of their own go through the Magic Journeys Surrogacy Program. They have many questions and need personalized answers. We understand every journey is unique and our desire is to personally meet the needs and expectations of each. Surrogacy can seem like a complex process, but with Magic Journeys each step is worth it. 

Phone & Video Consultation

After the application is submitted, our surrogate support staff schedules a phone and video consultation with the surrogate to review the application and ask further questions to determine her eligibility to continue the screening process.

Criminal Background Check

Next, we conduct a criminal background check of both the surrogate and her partner or spouse (if applicable).

Pregnancy Records Review

A licensed IVF physician will review the surrogate’s pregnancy records for any complications that might indicate future difficulties with pregnancy. A team of insurance specialists will also review the surrogate’s prior health claims.

Medical & Insurance Pre-Approval

In this stage, both the IVF physician and insurance specialist must provide pre-approval for the surrogate to be matched.

Financial Review

The Magic Journeys team reviews the surrogate’s financial health to determine her ability to support herself and her family throughout the surrogacy process.

Pre-Screening Laboratory Testing

Before the surrogate obtains a full medical screening, she is required to undergo laboratory testing. This step helps ensure positive results in the next stages and reduces the risk of failing screening requirements further down the line.

Call with Psychological Team

Similar to the previous step, a pre-screening call with a psychologist is conducted to identify any issues that may potentially disqualify the surrogate.