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Education Background

1. What is the highest level of school attained?

Master’s Degree

2. Name of the university you have attended or graduated:

Tan Jiang University

3.  What were your favorite subjects in school?

Music, Psychology, and Math

4.  What was your major?


5.  What are your most significant achievements?

Winning 1st place in Music Composition Games

Health History

1. Have you taken antidepressant medication in the past year?


2. Have you ever been hospitalized or seen a doctor for substance abuse or depression?


3.  List of reasons and dates of your visit to see a doctor in the last year?


4.  Have you been pregnant? If so, how many times?


5.  Date of your last visit to an obstetrician or gynecologist?


6.  Date of last pap smear?


7.  Current contraceptive measures?


8.  Do you smoke?


9.  Do you drink alcohol? How often?


10.  Do you have a regular cycle?


11.  Have you ever had twins or multiple births in your family?


12.  Have you ever offered blood?


13.  Do you have any family hereditary diseases?


Personality & Character

1. How would you describe your personality?

I have a fun and bubbly personality. I always try to see the best in every situation.  Empathetic.

2. Do you have any special talents?

My empathy and being able to help people with anxiety and insecurities.

3.  Please list any of your other skills/hobbies/talents/interests.

Fashion design, horseback riding

4.  Please list your talent for musical instruments or other musical talents.

Piano and swimming

5.  Please list any of your sports skills or your favorite sports.

Horseback riding

6.  Please describe your diet, do you have any dietary restrictions.


7.  What is one of your most memorable moments?


8.  Describe your childhood?


9.  What are your career plans for now and the future?


Donation Background

1. Have you ever applied or been screened to be an egg donor before?


2.  Do you have any other egg donation programs at this moment? If so, where?


3.  Describe the reason for donation:

Opportunity to help a family achieve their dream.

4.  What type if any  contact would you like with the recipients?

I would like to keep anonymous

5.  If you have the opportunity to pass a message to the recipient of your eggs, what message would you like to send

Best wishes