Surrogacy Compensation

Surrogacy Compensation

Our surrogates are selected out of thousands of applicants. Each one is highly qualified, which is why we offer highly competitive compensation packages. The compensation package offers a surrogate mother the tools and resources she needs to successfully carry and deliver a baby.

The Magic Journeys surrogate pregnancy compensation package offers up to $63,000, with additional benefits worth up to $40,000. We offer one of the highest-paying compensation packages in the country, helping attract and reward qualified surrogates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, surrogates need to know how they will be paid and what expenses are covered by Magic Journeys before agreeing to start the program. Below are a few frequently asked questions about surrogacy compensation.

Total surrogacy compensation may vary, however, below are the base pay amounts Magic Journeys offers:

  • $58,500 – First time surrogate mother compensation for working surrogates in California
  • $52,000 – First time surrogate mother compensation for stay-at-home moms in California
  • $53,500 – First time surrogate mother compensation for working surrogates in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, and Oregon
  • $47,000 – First time surrogate mother compensation for stay- at-home moms in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, and Oregon
  • $48,500 – First time surrogate mother compensation for working surrogates in all other states
  • $42,000 – First time surrogate mother compensation for stay- at-home moms in all other states

Surrogates living in California as well as experienced surrogates may receive additional compensation ranging from $5,000 to $35,000. Give us a call to learn more about surrogate payments.

Compared to line item compensation plans, flat-rate pay is based on trust and typically easier to understand and manage.

A flat-rate pay model typically pays surrogates $1,000 to $5,000 more per pregnancy. A line item pay plan does not offer this benefit.

Another reason we and our surrogates prefer flat-rate pay is because of the smoother process. Line item plans require surrogates fill out paperwork before the funds can be released — which means more paperwork for us as well. At Magic Journeys, we trust our surrogates to meet every requirement and they trust us to guide them through the process.  

Yes, surrogates can receive additional incentives for screening, signing a contract, and starting medication. These incentives can reach $4,000. Surrogates should speak to their admissions specialist to learn more.

Because surrogates on the line item payment plan typically receive a higher base pay than those on the itemized payment plan, surrogates are typically responsible for hiring and paying for the help they need. Line item packages don’t typically cover unconventional babysitting arrangements (like airfare for grandma to come baby sit) or luxury care services (like an at-home massage) and so we expect our surrogates to make wise decisions with the compensation they are provided. We trust our surrogates to decide what is best for their family. With more base pay, Magic Journeys surrogates have more freedom to coordinate and pay for the services they need.

Surrogates typically receive $500 to $1,000 for maternity clothing. Magic Journeys’ surrogate maternity clothing is covered under the monthly compensation. It is up to each surrogate to decide how and when to purchase maternity clothing.

On a flat-rate payment plan, surrogates do not receive additional compensation for monthly expenses. With a higher base pay, monthly expenses are covered by the surrogate’s compensation. Though some agencies pay $200 per month for miscellaneous expenses, at Magic Journeys our surrogates are free to manage their own expenses.

As with any pregnancy, complications during surrogacy may come up. In our flat-rate pay model, compensation for complications is built in. Only a very small percentage of our surrogates undergo an “invasive procedure” such as amniocentesis or D&C. Rather than itemizing payment for a complication, we offer a higher base pay to cover the risk of complications. For other more serious and rare issues, our surrogates receive additional insurance benefits to ensure they receive the quality care and support they need to regain their health.

We understand that women don’t choose surrogacy for the money — they choose surrogacy for the opportunity to help parents create or grow their family. Many surrogate mothers use the money they receive to start a business, buy a car, pay off debt, or buy a house. Surrogate mothers can also enjoy spending more time at home with their young children.

For women seriously considering surrogacy with Magic Journeys, we invite you to give us a call to learn more. We’d be happy to answer any questions and help you make the decision that is right for you.