Compensation for Surrogates

Magic Journeys’ surrogates are among the top 1% applicants. We truly appreciate our surrogates’ dedication and effort, so we strive to offer them the best, including pay.

Not only will you be best paid, Magic Journey’s comprehensive surrogate compensation package also covers a variety of expenses caused by the pregnancy such as childcare, housekeeping, and bed rest, etc. These thoughtful and tailored services demonstrate our utmost respect and care for our surrogates, making sure we have your back throughout the entire journey!

The total Magic Journeys surrogate compensation package offers up to $65,000 for first time surrogates and up to$70,000 for experienced surrogates. We are confident to say that our surrogates are paid the best among all the agencies around. Plus, you’re eligible to receive up to $4,000 before you have your first attempt at pregnancy.