Understanding Surrogacy

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

We are proud of the service we provide our intended parents regardless the program you choose. But, in order to better serve intended parents with different needs, we offer three program packages – “Gold Parent”, “Platinum Parent”, or “Magic Parent”. We won’t say we are the cheapest agency in the town. That’s not our goal. The goal of Magic Journey is to assist our clients to bring their dream come true in the most enjoyable and successful way. Our promise is on the success and quality of your experience. The cost of the whole surrogacy ranges between $120,000 to $320,000 depending on the program you choose. The cost impacting factors include your surrogate’s location, previous surrogacy experience, employment status, type of maternity care insurance, as well as the number of attempts to conceive, surrogate compensation and expenses, the number of children conceived, and optional or additional services, etc. 

We will tailor your surrogate match to help meet your target budget;we will also tailor your budget based your needs and preferences. Click here to get a free consultation today.

Magic Journeys is devoted to the most satisfying, successful and royal-like experience for our intended parents.

Why are the Cost Ranges so Widely?

Depending on the surrogate compensation, the state in which she lives in, the health insurance choice and other customizations, the total cost of the whole surrogacy process varies significantly. Our Magic Journeys team will always put in the maximum effort to make the surrogacy journey smooth, enjoyable and memorable for our intended parents regardless which program you are in.

Surrogate Compensation Components

There are several factors to consider when it comes to surrogate compensation. 

Employment Status: 

A working surrogate will receive an additional $6,000 in compensation compared to stay-home moms. 

Previous Experience: 

Experienced surrogates receive more compensation than first time surrogates. The increased compensation for an experienced surrogate starts at $5,000 and can increase to $30,000 or more.

Residence:  California surrogates receive $5,000 extra in addition to the other benefits listed above due to the high demand.

Health Insurance:

Surrogates need a special health insurance policy to cover maternity and delivery. The costs for these policies are at the higher end of the spectrum ranging from about $20,000 to $35,000. Some gestational surrogates may have an existing health insurance policy that also covers a surrogate pregnancy. They are very rare though the least expensive.

Do I Need to Pay All Surrogacy Costs at Once?

The magic surrogacy journey usually takes about 14-18 months, and you will not pay all costs at once. The majority of funds will be due within six months once the process starts. There will be two or three installments.

Will My Insurance Cover Surrogacy Program Costs?

Most traditional health insurance policies do not offer coverage for surrogacy; some policies may cover portions of the IVF medical process. More and more employers started to offer family creation benefits in recent years that cover a significant portion of the surrogacy process. Just give us a call, and we will help you your insurance and see if your benefits could lower your overall costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Create Embryos?

If you plan to use your own eggs, the cost ranges from $26,000 to $30,000. If you choose to use donor eggs, expect the cost to range from $50,000 to $80,000.

Why should I choose Magic Journeys?

Unparalleled service, glorifying experience, outstanding results, and much more!

Magic Journeys is devoted to provide our intended parents the most amazing experience on your way to parenthood. Our focus is the service throughout the process and the successful end state. We would love you to feel 100 percent excitement as the expecting parents and take home with you the magic baby you created. It’s not just about our unique magic Match Guarantee program, and it’s not just the spirit of our dedicated team either. We are not only the scientific expert; we are also the service maniac. You will feel the respect and fun that nowhere else will provide you.

Plus, believe it or not, Magic Journeys’ babies are blessed with luck and magic. Many anecdotes about how the newborns have changed fate and brought good fortune into the family are shared by numerous new lucky parents!    

Instead of lowering the expenses, we add more quality. Our goal is not to be the cheapest agency around, but to be the best “magic maker”. All the costs are transparent, and you will be able to tell and feel our sincerity and devotion to quality. 

We are happy to help you review cost estimates you have received from other sources and offer advice and guidance. Magic Journeys is dedicated to helping you start your parenthood through surrogacy.

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