Become a Surrogate

Being a surrogate mother can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience. Many of the surrogates we work with at Magic Journeys, LLC consider it a life-changing event to help someone else to have a child they can call their own.

Understanding Gestational Surrogacy

If you are considering becoming a surrogate, there are some key things that you will need to know about the gestational surrogacy process. 

Gestational surrogacy is the act of carrying a child through the full term of the pregnancy, but not being biologically related to that child. A donor egg (either from the intended mother or a qualified and anonymous egg donor) is fertilized and implanted through the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Becoming a Magic Journeys, LLC Surrogate

To become a surrogate, you will be required to have already had at least one healthy pregnancy, be a non-smoker and have no history of drug use. You must also live in a state where gestational surrogacy is legal. Potential surrogates will go through an extensive background check and psychological screening/monitoring.

Once you are approved to become a Magic Journeys, LLC surrogate, you will have guidance throughout the process. You’ll be cleared for the initial screening process and then assigned a case specialist who will be there to provide support and counseling every step of the way—even after the delivery is complete. Any travel and medical expenses will be covered by the intended parents as part of your compensation agreement.

The Rewards of Surrogacy

Though the surrogate process may come challenging, it will be worth the journey. One of the most exciting steps in the process is when you are matched with the intended parents. Magic Journeys, LLC uses a careful matching process and arranges personal meetings, which can happen through video chats or in person. Allowing the intended parents to get to know you is important, and you will also get to know them during this stage. You’ll be able to see what a difference you’ll be making in their lives by birthing a child for them.

Magic Journeys, LLC offers generous compensation packages that can positively impact your lives. Your medical expenses, travel expenses and other living expenses will be covered throughout the pregnancy, and there are various other financial benefits involved with gestational surrogacy.

To learn more about what it takes to become a surrogate with Magic Journeys, LLC, contact us today for an initial screening and consultation. Make your life better while making some intended parents very happy to have a child that they cannot otherwise have. This is what being a surrogate is all about.

Pregnancy Base Fees Overview for First-time Surrogates

Benefits List
Pregnancy Base Fee First time surrogate starting from $35,000.00
Multiple Birth (per additional child carried) $7000
Monthly Expense Allowance Covered
Embryo Transfer fee Covered
Relaxation therapy / Acupuncture / Pregnancy Massage Covered
Maternity Clothing Allowance Covered
Invasive Procedure / Loss of Reproductive Organ Fee Covered
Health Insurance Covered
Life Insurance Covered, a $500,000 benefit policy
Childcare during bed rest Covered
Lost Wages during bed rest Covered
Housekeeping during bed rest Covered
Travel benefits: including mileage, gas, lost wages, childcare, hotel, airfare, car rental reimbursement, etc. Covered
Partner/husband’s lost wages Covered