Our Surrogacy Program

Why Choose the Magic Journeys Surrogacy Program?

Magic Journeys, LLC is a full-service surrogacy agency that is here to guide intended parents along the pregnancy journey. The decision to have a baby is a big life moment and there are so many questions most people have about the surrogacy process. That’s why Magic Journeys, LLC is committed to be there with you every step of the way. Our Magic Journeys family will work you through this process, and treat you with the care you deserve during such a critical time in your lives.

Every year, hundreds of parents have questions and need personalized answers regarding surrogacy. We understand every journey is unique, so we do our best to personally meet the needs and expectations of each party. Surrogacy can seem like a complex process, but with Magic Journeys each step is worth it.

It’s been said the longer and tougher the journey, the more rewarding the destination. Though we don’t promise a long or difficult process, we do assure every parent and surrogate that the birth of a long-awaited child is worth the journey.

We are happy to help parents review and compare estimates they’ve received from other surrogacy agencies and provide the guidance and attention they need to make a confident and informed decision. EMAIL US today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Helping You Make the Right Surrogacy Decisions

The process starts with the initial surrogacy consultation. This will allow you to learn more about Magic Journeys, LLC and our surrogacy program. We’ll walk through the various steps of the surrogacy process and tell you more about our surrogates. Your Magic Journeys, LLC surrogacy counselor will also ask questions of you to understand your child birth goals and motivations.

Making the Commitment to Proceed with Surrogacy

After all your questions are answered and you have decided to move forward with surrogacy, you will sign a retainer agreement with Magic Journeys, LLC and submit your down payment. We accept many different forms of payment and can also provide financing programs if needed.

Getting to Know You

Finding the right match between intended parents and a surrogate is the most important part of the process at Magic Journeys, LLC. To do this, we need to get to know as much about you as possible. You will complete an online profile and meet with a case specialist who will be your guide through the rest of the surrogacy program. You may also meet with our legal team to cover the legal aspects of surrogacy. If an egg donor is required, Magic Journeys, LLC will also help with that process.

Finding and Meeting Your Surrogate

At Magic Journeys, LLC, we are dedicated to finding surrogates who meet strict emotional, physical and financial requirements. Being a surrogate is no simple task and we make sure to find the right individuals who have gone through extensive applications, interviews, psychological evaluations, medical exams, criminal background checks, drug screenings and other screening measures – we take the application process seriously. Once you have been matched with a qualified surrogate, we will arrange a personal meeting that can happen via video chat or in person, if you prefer.

Making Sure the Surrogate is Medically Prepared

Once the legal process is completed and a Magic Journeys, LLC expense account is created, your surrogate will be prepared for the embryo transfer. In most cases, pregnancy results are available within 10-12 days of this procedure. If your surrogate is confirmed pregnant, then you will be able to track your baby’s growth week by week.

Bringing Home Your New Baby

The surrogate is transferred from the in vitro fertilization specialist to her personal obstetrician about 10-12 weeks into the pregnancy. Your Magic Journeys, LLC case specialist will always be there to answer questions and provide updates. In the third trimester of the pregnancy, we will begin planning for your hospital arrival. After delivery of the baby, Magic Journeys, LLC continues to provide support as needed once you bring your bundle of joy home and begin your magic journey together as a growing family.