Egg Donor Compensation

Egg Donor Compensation and Benefits

Like our surrogates, MJ egg donors are brilliant young ladies who bear golden hearts and are willing to change the world into a better place by gifting people with the precious parenthood. We truly appreciate our egg donors’ dedication and effort, so we strive to offer them the best.

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Below are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

How much do the egg donors get paid each time they donate?

First time egg donors are paid $20,000+, and repeat egg donors are paid $30,000+ in compensation. You can get $50,000+ if you have some outstanding qualities that are difficult to find. Egg donor payments are broken down into two disbursements. The first payment made to an egg donor is paid upon start of injectable medications. The second installment is paid after the completion of the egg retrieval procedure regardless of the number of eggs that are retrieved. Egg donors are paid for every donation.

How many times can I donate my eggs?

You can donate your eggs up to 6 times so you have the opportunity to help multiple families. After your egg retrieval, you case manager will request the medical records from your egg donation cycle. An IVF physician will review your medical records and will make a recommendation as to whether you are able to return to the program to complete additional egg donation cycles.

What expenses are covered by intended parents?
All the expenses resulted from completing the egg donation cycle is covered. Here’s a breakdown:

–Medical and Psychological Expenses

All medical and psychological screening costs, medications, and medical expenses related to the egg donation cycle are covered. Besides the donation itself, you can also gain valuable knowledge about your genetic, physical, and reproductive health as a result of the screening process.

–Legal Fees

You will be provided an independent attorney for the legal contract with the intended parents. The fees are covered for you. You will complete a legal consultation prior to signing their contracts to gain a full understanding of the legal process.

–Egg Donor Insurance

While complications are rare, we don’t take chances. All egg donors are provided with an excellent egg donation cycle insurance. This insurance will be used to cover medical expenses for any complications that may arise as a result of the egg donation process.

–Travel Expenses:

All travel expenses incurred as a result of the egg donation process is covered for you and your companion.

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